Stamp Bridge Technologies is a multi-faceted company providing highly competitive, quality products and faster, professional services to our customers / clients. Through well-established relationships with strategic partners, our customers gain access to leading products, services and cost effective solutions. We believe that if there is a unique value proposition in the product or service and there is a market opportunity; with the right strategies and projections, working as a team the company can attain the goals.

As a leading trader of welding products and accessories, Stamp Bridge Technologies provides customers with quality products from state of the art manufacturing companies.

Welding Machines


Power & Hand Tools

Stamp Bridge Technologies supplies clients with welding machines from leading manufacturers like Welding Industries Malaysia (WIM) and other established brands in the market. The welding machines included are ARC welding machine, MIG, TIG, projection, robotic and spot welding and plasma cutting machines. There are more than 40 models of welding machines with competetive prices where after-sales service is also provided.


At Stamp Bridge Technologies, we recognize that all mechanical and electronic applications differ for every user and that sometimes only high-performance power tools will get the job done. We supply the best power tools from leading manufacturers for drilling, grinding, cutting purposes. Our hand tools section with screw drivers, spanners, hammers, pliers, testers, and other multi-purpose tools offer a wider choice for our customers.

Welding Protection


Other Accessories

Stamp Bridge Technologies believes that top-class welder protection is of utmost importance for any client dealing with welding products. Our safety helmets and gear provide users with optimal fit, comfort, performance and extreme safety along with style which results in a safe and productive work environment.


Some of the welding accessories that Stamp Bridge Technologies deals with are Electrode Holders, Earth Clamps, Cable Connectors, Gas regulators, Torches, Cable lugs and other allied products. We ensure that the quality and performance-ratio of these products are always on par with the customers' satisfaction level.