How can we reach you directly?2018-04-07T11:34:00+00:00

You can reach us directly at 0422-4373700 or email us on stampbridge@gmail.com for further information on our products or any other clarification that you might need.

Where to find details of the make, model and material of the machine?2018-04-07T11:32:14+00:00

You can find all this information and more in the product details page for each model.

Do you have COD term for payment?2018-04-07T11:30:15+00:00

At this point, we do not have COD option for our products. We will try to provide this option at a future date.

Do the accessories come with warranty?2018-04-07T11:28:02+00:00

There is no warranty for any of the accessories.

What accessories come with the machine?2018-04-07T11:26:32+00:00

Each model has its own set of accessories. Please check the product details page for each machine to know what comes with each model.

What is the refund policy?2018-04-07T11:24:39+00:00

In case of any damages to the machine during transit, we will replace the machine once the damaged machine is sent back to us.

In case of service problem, what should be done?2018-04-07T11:22:39+00:00

If there happens to be a problem with the machine during the warranty period, you will have to send the machine to the address mentioned in the “Sold & Serviced” sticker in the machine. We will service it and send it back to the billing address.

How will the products be shipped?2018-04-07T11:17:07+00:00

The machines will be shipped through India Post once the orders are processed. Our logistics partners are India Post, reason being India post is available in every nook and corner of the country.

What is the warranty period?2019-05-23T10:21:35+00:00

For GK36 ARC 200G – IGBT machine we give 6 months warranty and all our other machines have one year warranty period


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